Collection: Dog Sling

Originated in New York

The dog sling originated in New York.
In 2005, Piesling's first overseas store, Piesling New York, SOHO, attracted a lot of attention as a baby sling specialty store.
In New York at the time, many babies traveled in strollers close to the hot, dusty asphalt.
Until then, baby carriers were inconvenient due to their awkward presence in urban areas with extreme temperature differences, but Piesling not only has functionality, but it has also penetrated New Yorkers with its fashion. I went.
After three years, the number of cases where the baby sling is used for walking the dog has increased. Using a peace ring to go to the park has become a bit of a boom, so we have planned a sling specifically for dogs.
This is how Peasling for Dog started.