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Psling Dog Colors Moss Green dog1202

Psling Dog Colors Moss Green dog1202

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A sling made of elegant and soft cotton that gently fits your body.

The moderate texture makes it very easy to use, and the deep and dark colors are easy to coordinate and convenient.

The rich portion gives you a sense of security, making it a great item for babies, moms and dads.


・Professional beautiful and firm sewing. We will make it after you place your order. (Build-to-order manufacturing)

・We will start work after inquiring about the ring color, shoulder specifications, size, etc.

・Orders that are not on the menu are also possible, so please contact us in advance.


Fabric: Cotton (100% cotton)

Ring: Antibacterial stainless steel

【Country of origin】



About 450g (+-15%)

[How to choose a shoulder]

The model size is available for the right shoulder specification, but you can choose your favorite type for made-to-order. We recommend using the shoulder where the shoulder bag hangs naturally, but please be assured that there is no safety issue even if you wear it on the opposite shoulder.


The normal delivery time is 2 weeks, but if you need it urgently, please feel free to contact us.

We will do our best to accommodate you.

[Engraving on the ring]

You can engrave a message of your choice on the ring. Up to 25 characters including spaces, uppercase letters and numbers only.


1. Noshi paper (free)

2. Omakase package (+500 yen)

→If you would like a message card, please select the Omakase package.


Ring inspection: Zero Lead (U.S. Law Compliant)

Ring strength: 2000kg or more

Load capacity: 18kg

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