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Simple mask cover combination with non-woven mask SC01

Simple mask cover combination with non-woven mask SC01

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A mask cover to be set on a simple double-layered non-woven mask with cotton on the outside and double gauze on the inside.

Front side: Orange & Liberty band Inside: White

1 layer (front side): Cotton (100% cotton)
2 layers (inner): Cotton (100% cotton)

Width = about 10 cm (folded in half)
Length = about 12.5cm (at the longest point)
(The size is close to the "regular adult" size of commercially available medical non-woven fabric masks.)

・No adhesive interlining is used. (non-formaldehyde)

[Mask string]
It does not come with a mask string.

[Gift Package]
A brand mask suitable for gifts for women, such as souvenirs for dinner, Christmas, birthday gifts, etc. It is an eco-friendly wrapping that does not become excessive packing using pearls, which is popular at PSNY <Peaceney>, and the beautiful color of the mask itself shines.

・Depending on the work, the pattern may differ from the photo.
・Mask does not completely remove infection.

★ Simple Mask Cover Style 01

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