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PSNY Adult Coordinate French Sleeve T-shirt - See-through Bijou 2 Tops TP05

PSNY Adult Coordinate French Sleeve T-shirt - See-through Bijou 2 Tops TP05

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See-through Chest Bijoux T-shirt Tops

It's comfortable to wear, and it's a top that you can decide with one piece.
Although it is a T-shirt, it is perfect for going out in a fashionable fashion.
It's a T-shirt, so it's comfortable, but it's a little fashionable because the chest is transparent.

This is the T-shirt I made because I wanted it.
A little bit of the chest looks like it's visible, but it's a little visible, and even women's eyes will go. I wanted a t-shirt that wasn't that obnoxious, but was also a little sexy, so I made one.

People often wear tops with a big open neckline to make them a little sexier, but I don't really like them. As you get older, don't you feel a little disappointing when your chest is open, instead of looking sloppy or sexy?

If it's a T-shirt, the neck is tight,
Even if you look down or bend over, the inside of your chest will not be exposed.

I can see the straps of my bra.
So, dare to show a beige or black bra and tank top,
I would like you to remove the straps of a 3/4 cup bra and wear it.
A French sleeve T-shirt that makes your chest look really pretty.
For going out, I made a pattern along the body with a slightly narrowed waist.

That's too much! !
For those who say, behind the black chiffon,

I also made something with a beige 100% cotton knit fabric.
Nothing is see-through.
So, no matter what color underwear you wear, is it transparent?
It is made to make you think.


Style: see-through top, chest
Base Color: Black
Decoration: Swallow beads and rhinestones

[Work size (finished size)]

L size (as shown)
Sleeve length: 30 cm
Width: 46 cm
Bottom width: 54 cm

Length: 61cm

Chest: Black chiffon (polyester)
Front, back, neck: 100% cotton (cotton sheeting knit)

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