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PSNY Basic Linen Top with Raglan Sleeves TP02

PSNY Basic Linen Top with Raglan Sleeves TP02

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Raglan Sleeve Linen Tops

A simple hemp pullover type (worn either front or back) with raglan sleeves.

Basic white linen that makes you look cool just by putting it on.

The hemp fabric, which is the main material for peace rings (baby slings), which we started in 2001, emits less greenhouse gases and consumes less water during cultivation than cotton, so it is environmentally friendly. It attracts attention due to its low

Recently, more and more famous brands have stopped using cotton and are using only linen.

Baby sling-like baby slings are made with a special weaving method to increase strength, and then hand-kneaded by craftsmen at Omi Chijimi in Shiga. And it's going to be very expensive.

Therefore, we adopted simple linen from Belgium, which is relatively easy to handle, as the material for the basic line.

It is relatively thick and has a feeling of falling and thickening.

[Basic one]

Even if hemp is used for a long time and has a hole in it, it can be remade into other items, and it is a material that can be used thoroughly and never thrown away.

By repeating washing, you can enjoy the softness and familiarity of growing.

Wrinkles are also individual.




Linen (100% hemp)


Bust: 114 cm

Length: 54.5cm

Sleeve length: 35.5 cm

Free size for comfortable wear

It is long enough to cover the buttocks.

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