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PSNY Hand kneaded hemp stencil dyeing Mexican pattern stole SG06

PSNY Hand kneaded hemp stencil dyeing Mexican pattern stole SG06

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PSNYPSNY <Peaceney> original Mexican pattern large-sized stole made of stenciled Yuzen linen.

This is a very rare piece that uses stencil Yuzen from a hand-drawn original.

The base fabric is Omi-produced real hemp chijimi, which is the finest material that has been softly finished by traditional "hand-rolling".

The long size allows for a wide range of arrangements, and it is a design that can be used not only as an accent, but also as a main outfit by wearing it over a large size.

The elegant wrinkles of the shrinking hemp will gently blend into your skin every time you pass it through the water, so you can use it for a long time.

After "washing" at a finisher in Kyoto, we will wash it once at the atelier before fringe processing.


After enjoying the elegant texture of Yoryu, which can be coordinated with a dress, please enjoy “raising” it for many years.

You will surely not be able to let go of the soft texture that gradually becomes gentler.

[Gift package B]
We offer gift wrapping for presents such as birthday gifts.
With eco-friendly eco-wrapping style that does not use excessive wrapping paper, we will attach a message card to a reusable cotton bag. (+500 yen)

・If you let us know your desired message, we will arrange it as a gift package.

・The edge (short side) is fringed (approximately 2.5cm)
・For the side (long side), you can choose the fabric edge (undyed) or fringe option.

Linen (100% Omi Chijimi hemp)

Width = about 95cm
Length = about 170cm

[Long Scarf Pirates Design - l'?charpe longue Yuzen Cre?pe de Lin]

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