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PSNY Metal Lace/Gold Beige Pollen Yellow Sand Nonwoven Filter 3D Adult Classy Luxury Dress Entrance Ceremony Mask Free Shipping LM11

PSNY Metal Lace/Gold Beige Pollen Yellow Sand Nonwoven Filter 3D Adult Classy Luxury Dress Entrance Ceremony Mask Free Shipping LM11

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[Lace Lumiere Metal - Gold Beige] A luxurious mask made of high-quality materials that perfectly matches the shiny metallic foil cord with the chic gold-beige lace with a delicate and artistic design. It is a work with a high degree of perfection unique to the PSNY brand, a favorite of Hollywood celebrities. (Limited quantity)
It comes with a safe washable filter, so you can use it repeatedly.

[Gift Package A]
A brand mask suitable for gifts for women, such as souvenirs for dinner, Christmas, birthday gifts, etc. It is an eco-friendly wrapping that does not become excessive packing using pearls, which is popular at PSNY <Peaceney>, and the beautiful color of the mask itself shines. (+200 yen)

Front side: metal, gold beige, lace inside: pink

[Selectable inner material (color): type]
No. 1 color: cotton (classic pink): soft type No. 2 color: linen (light pink): refreshing type No. 3 color: silk (coral pink): super soft type

[Three-layer structure (full-surface filter)]
The mask filter is sandwiched on the entire surface without any gaps, and it is carefully sewn without any two layers.

- Beautiful and sturdy stitching. We will make it after you place your order. (Build-to-order manufacturing)
・Since the mouth does not touch the fabric, it does not squeak when talking, and the foundation does not stick easily.
・As the nose part becomes fluffy, it is characterized by easy breathing.

・If you want a nose wire, you can purchase it as an additional option below.

1 layer (front side): lace (40% polyester, 40% nylon, 20% rayon)
2 layers (mask filter): non-woven fabric (heat-resistant/static type)
3 layers (inner): cotton (100% cotton) / linen (100% Omi Chijimi hemp) / silk (100% silk)

Width = about 10 cm (folded in half)
Length = about 12.5cm (at the longest point)
(The size is close to the "regular adult" size of commercially available medical non-woven fabric masks.)

[Mask string]
Adjusting the mask string is surprisingly difficult. Even if you tie it yourself, it won't fit well.
The adjustable knot of the PSNY mask makes it easy to loosen it little by little, or tighten it in crowded situations, even if you're wearing it all day long. Comes with a manual on how to tie a mask string that does not hurt your ears.

1) Thin/flat rubber (white/black)
It is strong against washing and ironing, and has excellent durability. Recommended for masks made of light materials. (Width 3 mm, thickness 1 mm)

2) Thick/flat soft rubber (white/black/beige)
Made in Japan, this rubber is made specifically for masks with a firm thickness.
Although it is soft, it has excellent durability and a good fit, and is recommended for those who seek a sense of security. (width 5 mm thickness 1 mm)

[Mask mark]
You can choose one point of Swarovski that can also be used for top and bottom marks. The basic position is the upper right when viewed from the front on the outside of the mask.
The foil may fall off little by little, so please handle it carefully. After washing, lightly reshape and dry.

Masks do not completely eliminate infection.

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