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Hemp Linen Jade Green Gradation Side Tuck Dress French Sleeve AP11

Hemp Linen Jade Green Gradation Side Tuck Dress French Sleeve AP11

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Linen Jade Green with Gradation Side Tuck Dress

Introducing the gradation series that we are proud of in the popular hemp one-piece series! !

What's more, this season's popular green bodice.
This side gradation dress is sure to turn heads wherever you go.

The gorgeous gradation of Yuzen dyeing in the side view looks like a blooming flower.

A classic black hemp side tuck dress,
I made it with playful and beautiful gradation fabric.

Belgian linen is used for the body.
The fabric is firm and not see-through.

The gradation fabric is a gradation fabric that PSNY's baby brand, PSLING, has been hand-dyed at a Yuzen dyeing workshop in Kyoto for 21 years.

Since it is hand-dyed at once, there is no gradation of color.
Fluorescent color? It is a gradation with a bright orange shade that looks just like it.
Our gradation fabric was only used for the peace ring of the baby strap, so I tried to incorporate it into the dress so that I could enjoy the gradation on a regular basis.

Go out to lunch with close friends, museums, shopping, and more, and enjoy yourself wearing the combination of trendy green and beautiful gradation.

Originally, the fabric was thoroughly washed,
The warp is white and the weft is green. It's called chambray dungarees, and it's a nice yarn-dyed Belgian linen.
The fabric is crisp and has zero transparency.
The shape is a French sleeve, but the arm of 2 is half hidden,
Also, even though it has plenty of width, there are tucks on the side armpits, so it looks very plump,
You can kill two birds with one stone with a clean look!

For those who are new to hemp,
Double gauze inner is also available.
(Although it is a separate purchase, we have set it as an option with a special set discount.)
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