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Gradation dragon large stole SG07

Gradation dragon large stole SG07

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PSNY Peaseney original gradation type Yuzen linen stole.

This is a very rare piece that uses stencil Yuzen from a hand-drawn original.

The base fabric is Omi-produced real hemp chijimi, which is the finest material that has been softly finished by traditional "hand-rolling".

The long size allows for a wide range of arrangements, and it is a design that can be used not only as an accent, but also as a main outfit by wearing it over a large size.

The elegant wrinkles of the shrinking hemp will gently blend into your skin every time you pass it through the water, so you can use it for a long time.

After "washing" at a finisher in Kyoto, we will wash it once at the atelier before fringe processing.


After enjoying the elegant texture of Yoryu, which can be coordinated with a dress, please enjoy “raising” it for many years.

You will surely not be able to let go of the soft texture that gradually becomes gentler.

・If you let us know your desired message, we will arrange it as a gift package.

[Color explanation]
Illustration of a dragon on a gradient

・The edge (short side) is fringed (approximately 2.5cm)
・For the side (long side), you can choose the fabric edge (undyed) or fringe option.

Linen (100% Omi Chijimi hemp)

Width = about 95cm
Length = about 170cm

[PSNY brand]
PSNY is a Japanese brand that has overseas celebrities as customers and is highly regarded for its outstanding Japanese technology.

[Long Scarf Dragon Design]
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