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Nursing cape garland dahlia nur11024

Nursing cape garland dahlia nur11024

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The garland series is a popular series with three-dimensional flower ribbons that make a nice accent.

Thoughtful shapes and materials

Lightweight and compact, easy to carry. Easy to put on. When you go out, just put it over your head and the place will instantly turn into a nursing space. With this nursing cape, you can rest assured even when breastfeeding in public. Peaceney products are all made in Japan. Since it is a safe and secure manufacturer that sticks to in-house production, both mothers and babies can use it with confidence.

gentle soft wire

The soft wire gently wraps around from the armpit to the back, so you can keep your baby out of sight without straining your baby. It is made of thick cotton, so you can rest assured that it is not slippery and does not flip up like synthetic fibers.

box for gift

Square type package for easy gift decoration. Cardboard material for easy disposal.
place of origin made in Japan
fabric material 100% cotton
size Approximately 68cm (length) Approximately 98cm (width)
wire material Soft wire (non-metallic)
package Exclusive paper box for gifts
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