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Flower Cotton Lace Topaz Blue Filter Mask FR21

Flower Cotton Lace Topaz Blue Filter Mask FR21

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A retro floral lace mask made of elegant cotton lace.

The earth color that is familiar with the skin is a design that shines.

Front: Retro blue floral lace
Inside: pale blue / gray

[Selectable inner material (color): type]
Color 1: Cotton (Pale Blue): Soft type
No. 2 color: silk (gray): super soft type

・Silk is the best choice for rough skin.

1 layer (front side): polyester blend
2 layers (middle): Organdy (polyester)
3 layers (mask filter): Non-woven fabric (heat-resistant/static type)
4 layers (inner): cotton (100% cotton) / silk (100% silk)

[4-layer structure (full-surface filter), three-dimensional sewing]
The pollen, yellow sand, and influenza prevention mask and filter are sewn into the three-dimensional cut, so it has the advantages of both a "cloth (gauze) mask" and a "non-woven mask". Gauze and cloth materials with rough texture cannot be used to scoop up rice grains with a tennis racket. Since the filter covers the entire surface of the mask body, it is safe because there are no parts (gaps) that are only fabric.

・Cloth (gauze) mask: Effective against dryness. Low odor. Prevent cough droplets. Odor resistant.
・Non-woven mask: Prevention of pollen, influenza and colds. antibacterial.

- Beautiful and sturdy stitching. We will make it after you place your order. (Build-to-order manufacturing)
・Since the mouth does not touch the fabric, it does not squeak when talking, and the foundation does not stick easily.
・As the nose part becomes fluffy, it is characterized by easy breathing.
・No adhesive interlining is used. (non-formaldehyde)

・Please fill in the fine adjustment of the size in the remarks column. (Example: I would like a smaller size, etc.)

・If you want a nose wire, you can purchase it as an additional option below.

1 layer (front side): lace (polyester, rayon blend)
2 layers (mask filter): non-woven fabric (heat-resistant/static type)
3 layers (inner): cotton (100% cotton) / linen (100% Omi Chijimi hemp) / silk (100% silk)

Width = about 10 cm (folded in half)
Length = about 12.5cm (at the longest point)
(The size is close to the "regular adult" size of commercially available medical non-woven fabric masks.)

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