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Animal Eco Fur 4 Colors Snood Neck Warmer Adult Coordination Fake Fur SD13

Animal Eco Fur 4 Colors Snood Neck Warmer Adult Coordination Fake Fur SD13

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A reversible double-wrap snood with a gorgeous impression of animal eco fur with long hair and Larjan embossed (Italian silk blend).

Unique to 4-color snoods, it is possible to coordinate with a high degree of freedom.

・When you want to look gorgeous, put animal fur on the front◎
・When you want to look elegant, emboss on the front◎
・When you want to look elegant, put black fur on the front◎
・When you want to make a slightly modest impression, put a brown boa on the front◎

When you don't want to wear it in two layers, just throw it over your shoulders and the fur that is slightly removed from the coat will be very stylish.

A four-color snood series that makes it fun to look in the mirror before going out.

The surface of the black and gold larjan fabric is embossed three-dimensionally, so it looks stiff at first glance, but the soft touch of silk, which is typical of luxury clothing, is addictive.

It's an elaborate structure with double jacquard fabric sandwiching the air, and it's the perfect material for a snood because it holds a lot of air inside like the trendy cardboard knit.

The fur is a combination of wild eco-fur that looks like a mixture of snow leopard, gazelle and white leopard, so as not to lose to the black and gold fabric.

The black eco-fur used for the front also has a smoothness that makes you happy just by touching it.

The entire back is made with brown boa-like eco-fur that is easy to match.

All the materials are soft and luxurious, and the snood is elegant, so it goes well with Japanese clothing.

Side A: Animal color eco-fur, black gold emboss, black eco-fur
Side B: Khaki (eco-fur)

Width = about 20cm
Length = about 70cm (about 140cm in circumference)
・Double winding type

- Beautiful and sturdy stitching. We will make it after you place your order. (Build-to-order manufacturing)
・No adhesive interlining is used. (non-formaldehyde)

[Gift Package]
We offer gift wrapping for gifts such as Christmas and birthday gifts.

・If you let us know your desired message, we will arrange it as a gift package.

[brand tag]
The brand tag is sewn temporarily so that it can be easily removed.
・Remove before use.

[Wearing method]
1. 2. Hang it around your neck. 3. Twist it halfway around to form a figure of eight. 4. Put the lower ring around your neck. Look in the mirror and coordinate with your mood

[Washing method]
1. Remove dust by brushing 2. Wash gently with lukewarm water at 30°C (use neutral detergent for fashionable wear)
3. 4. Replace the hot water and rinse off the detergent solution. 5. Replace the hot water and soak in the fabric softener. Wipe off the moisture with a towel and dry with a hair dryer (cold wind is recommended)
6. It will be brushing and hand washing for finishing, but there are no special procedures and it is easy.

・Eco Fur Animal - SN'D
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