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PSNY Campanule Lace Black Drawstring Bag BG24

PSNY Campanule Lace Black Drawstring Bag BG24

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Campanule lace drawstring bag with large paisley design.

Elegant style with elegant blue velvet under the lace.

The beautiful satin handle string, I made it a simple overhand knot so that it can also be worn on the shoulder.

[Environmentally friendly]
Leather-free Animal-free: Leather and genuine leather are not used as materials.

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Drawstring bag ・Large horizontal: 20cm
Length: 18cm
Gusset: 15cm

Outside: front (lace) + inside (velvet)
Inside: Linen (100% linen)
Bottom: velvet

satin rope

★ Campanulle Black Lace on Blue velvet drawstring bag

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