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Basic Cotton Silver & Black Filter Mask CC11

Basic Cotton Silver & Black Filter Mask CC11

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Basic Cotton Silver & Black Mask

PSNY's classic basic cotton is made from Kyoto's "Mura-zome" style fabric. The delicate balance between the dark and light areas accentuates the elegant silhouette.

With a safe filter, it is soft and soft, but it does not easily lose its shape even after repeated washing.

[Related works]

★ Basic cotton series


Front side: Silver / Gray

Inside: Black

[Choice of inner material (color): type]

No. 1 color: Cotton (black): Soft type

No. 2 color: Silk (black): Super soft type

★ Silk is the best choice for rough skin.


1 layer (front side): cotton (100% cotton)

2 layers (mask filter): Non-woven fabric (heat resistant / charged type)

3 layers (inside): cotton (100% cotton) / silk (100% silk)


Horizontal = approx. 10 cm (folded in half)

Vertical = approx. 12.5 cm (longest part)

(The size is close to the "normal" size of commercially available non-woven fabric masks for medical use.)

[3-layer structure (full-scale filter)]

The mask filter is sandwiched over the entire surface without any gaps, and it is carefully sewn without two layers. (There is an option to add another filter)


-Beautiful & firm sewing. We will tailor it after your order. (Build-to-order manufacturing)

-Since the mouth does not touch the cloth, it does not fluff in conversation, and the foundation is hard to stick to, so it can also be used as a mask cover.

-Since the nose is soft, it is easy to breathe.

-No interlining is used. (Non-formaldehyde)

★ If you want a nose wire, you can purchase it additionally with the following options.

[Mask string]

Adjusting the mask string is surprisingly difficult. Even if I tie it myself, it doesn't fit easily.

PSNY <Peace Knee> With an adjustable mask, it's easy to loosen it little by little or tighten it tightly in crowded scenes, even if you're all day long. A manual on how to tie a mask string that does not hurt your ears is included.

1) Thin / flat rubber ((1) white / (2) black)

It is strong against washing and ironing, and has excellent durability. Recommended for masks made of light materials. (Width 3 mm, thickness 1 mm)

2) Thick, flat soft rubber (③ white, ④ black, ⑤ beige)

It is a rubber for masks made in Japan with a solid thickness.

Although it is soft, it has excellent durability and fit, and is recommended for those who seek a sense of security. (Width 5 mm, thickness 1 mm)

[Mask mark]

You can choose one point of Swarovski that can also be used as a sign of the top and bottom. The basic position is on the upper right when viewed from the front on the outside of the mask.

[Gift package]

A brand mask suitable for women's gifts, such as souvenirs for dinner, Christmas gifts, and birthday gifts. It is an eco-friendly wrapping that does not overpack using pearls, which are popular in PSNY, and the beautiful color of the mask itself shines.


・ Depending on the work, the pattern may differ from the one in the photo.

・ It does not completely eliminate the infection.

-A beautiful mask with a beautiful face line.

-Ideal for formal wear, ceremonial occasions, ceremonies, etc.

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