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Peace Ring Avant Spider Black Left shoulder recommended model 1A07

Peace Ring Avant Spider Black Left shoulder recommended model 1A07

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color description

[Psling Avant Spider Black]

It is a very elaborate sling with a spider web pattern dyed by Yuzen dyeing technique. A special fabric is dyed to place patterns only on the shoulders, front, and tip of the tail. It is designed by counting backwards from the finished product in the same way as high-class kimonos, unlike typical repeated pattern prints.

[Yuzen dyeing]

Yuzen-dyed sling factory

It is dyed by Yuzen dyeing at a factory in Kyoto. Hand dyeing by outstanding craftsmen is unique to Japan using traditional kimono techniques. In order to express one design, it is necessary to use many molds and spend plenty of time. In addition, we continue to use a special dyeing table by remodeling high-end kimono tools for the large-sized fabric of Peace Ring. In this way, the use of elaborate fabrics exclusively for slings is something only Peace Rings are particular about in the world.

[beautiful ring]

The beautiful, hand-polished antibacterial stainless steel ring is a very durable and safe part that will not tear with a force of 2000KG.
The ring type can be selected from a total of four types, including silver, gold, collaboration with jewelry brands, and titanium rings.


The collaboration ring with the New York jewelry brand "Me&Ro" is popular for its design with a beautiful flower motif.

Flower motif banner designed by Me&Ro


[Titanium ring]

Why don't you make a ring that uses precious titanium luxuriously into a sling? Titanium is very light at only 12g compared to 21g for one stainless steel ring.

titanium ring


Build-to-order manufacturing

Peace rings are made-to-order style.

  • Professionally beautiful & firm sewing. We will make it after you place your order. (Build-to-order manufacturing)
  • We will start work after asking about the ring color, shoulder specifications, size, etc.
  • Orders that are not on the menu are also possible, so please contact us in advance.

We will carefully tailor based on detailed information such as the height and weight of the father and mother (the person who uses it).

Whether it's a memorable engraving on the ring or a service to hand over the ring to the next child and re-tailor it, it's a piece that will be passed down for years.

[Shared size]

When sharing, please fill in the physiques of the first user who will be mainly holding and the second user who will be holding next in the remarks column. (It is not the child's height and weight) We will propose the perfect size for the two of you calculated from the abundant data of the peace ring.

[What is model size]

If the user's height and weight are unknown, we will make it according to the model size.
→ Model size: height 150-170cm, weight 50-60kg

[How to choose a shoulder]

The model size is available for the right shoulder specification, but you can choose your favorite type for made-to-order. We recommend using the shoulder where the shoulder bag hangs naturally, but please be assured that there is no safety issue even if you wear it on the opposite shoulder.


The normal delivery time is 2 weeks, but if you need it urgently, please feel free to contact us. We will do our best to accommodate you.

Basic spec


  • Fabric: Linen (100% Omi Chijimi hemp)
  • Ring: Antibacterial stainless steel

【Country of origin】

  • Japan


  • About 350g (+-15%)

[Safety inspection]

  • Ring inspection:
  • Zero Lead (U.S. Law Compliant)
  • Ring strength:
  • 2000kg or more
  • Load capacity: 18kg

[How to use]

How to use the peace ring is explained in detail on the brand site , but if you would like a one-on-one lesson, please apply using the options below.

Link to how to wear a peace ring

name engraving on ring

You can engrave a message of your choice on the ring. Up to 25 characters including spaces, uppercase letters & numbers only. If you wish, we can engrave in lowercase letters, but we recommend uppercase letters as they are very small.

Optional: engraving on the ring


1. Noshi paper (free)

→Please fill in the name of the giver when ordering.

Noshi banner for baby shower No additional purchase required.

2. Omakase gift packaging

→If you would like a message card, please select the Omakase package.

Omakase gift guide banner
Optional: Omakase gift packaging

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