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One Mile Mini Tote Bag Navy BG09

One Mile Mini Tote Bag Navy BG09

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A very useful neighborhood bag. It is a mini tote one-mile bag.

This is the most popular mini type in the PSNY tote bag series, which uses canvas thick enough to stand upright.

It is made using the technique of leather bags.

For this type, a small bag I made for a friend before was very popular.

“This is the only way I can go out.”

It's going to be a bag that was said to be popular.
There are many tote bags, but they are light and small, but they are convenient for going out to the station where you live as a one-mile bag.

When it comes to making bags, we strive for simplicity.
It is just a bag with genuine leather handles attached to the canvas.

I have been sewing peace rings (baby straps) for more than 20 years, and since there is no back side to peace rings, I have always tried to sew beautifully no matter where I look at the seams.
In other words, the back side is where the overlock sewing machine is used, such as clothes, and the thread processing is applied to such places.
Also, a bag with an inner bag will look beautiful if you bring the end of the thread out of sight. It is very difficult and time-consuming to finish cleanly because there is no
This tote is also a simple one with a leather handle attached to the canvas.
It has an inner pocket.

I try my best to make the end of the thread as inconspicuous as possible.
Also, I take good care of the ears of the canvas, so I use them as they are.

Light and durable.
It is a bag that will grow with you as you use it.

Small bag, but
Holds two 500mm plastic bottles.
Alternatively, it is large enough to fit a 500ml plastic bottle, a long wallet, a smartphone, and a pouch.

Important things... just put in your wallet and smartphone,
It is large enough to be used as a second bag or as a notebook case.

[Color explanation]
Body: Navy (dark blue navy blue)
Handle: brown

Width = about 20cm
Height = about 25cm
Gusset = about 3cm

Body: 100% cotton
String: genuine leather
Pocket: 100% polyester

with inner pocket

[Gift package]
We offer gift wrapping for presents such as birthday gifts.
It is possible to add a message card in an environmentally friendly eco-wrapping style that does not use excessive wrapping paper.
・Leave it to us.

・BGPSNY One Mile Smart Mini Tote Bag Navy & Brown
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