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Suitable style for newborns

For a newborn baby whose neck is not stable.

  1. If the baby is small, you can place a thin towel or blanket below the baby’s body in the pouch or simply wrap the baby with a towel or blanket before placing the baby in the pouch
  2. If you wear the p-sling on your left shoulder, the baby’s head comes on the right hand side of you.

Step 1

Position the rings slightly below your collarbone.

Step 2

Pass the right hand inside like an illustration.

Step 3

Hold the baby as the baby’s head rests your left elbow. Your right hand should be out from the inside like an illustration shown.

Step 4

Holding the baby’s buttocks with the right hand and supporting the baby’s neck with your left hand, slide the baby inside of the pouch.

Step 5

While you keep holding the baby’s head with your right hand, use your left hand to pull the fabric up to cover the baby’s head. Support the baby’s head with your left hand, and release your right hand.

Step 6

Check yourself in front of a mirror and make sure your baby’s body is horizontal. (The neckline should be straight.)

How to place your baby in the cradle position

Step 1

Lay your baby down on a bed or sofa.

Step 2

Pull your head out from the p-sling.

Step 3



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