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PSNY 2way Lavender-colored linen mask cover 2W13

PSNY 2way Lavender-colored linen mask cover 2W13

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3way Simple Lace Lavender Linen Mask Cover

A half-spec model mask cover that omits the mask filter, assuming a set with a non-woven mask. With decoration of three-dimensional flower motif.

You can enjoy the fine details unique to PSNY.

・ Birthday gift

・ Anniversary with a partner

・ Mom friends Lunch and souvenirs for dinner

・ Mother's Day gifts

・ Retirement celebration for boss

Recommended as a gift for various "special days".

[Related works]

・ Mask cover

[3 way]

1. 1. Simple mask: Cloth mask with simple specifications without filters

2. 2. Inner cover: Non-woven mask is attached to the outside

3. 3. Outer cover: Non-woven mask is attached inside (the lace is turned inside out)


Front side: 3D flower motif (white) & lavender

Inside: Lavender system

[Choice of inner material (color): type]

No. 1 color: Cotton (lavender): Soft type

No. 2 color: Linen (lavender): Refreshing type

No. 3: Silk (lavender): Super soft type

-Silk is the best choice for rough skin.


1st layer (front side): lace (polyester) & linen (100% Omi chijimi hemp)

2 layers (inside): cotton (100% cotton) / linen (100% Omi chijimi linen) / silk (100% silk)


Horizontal = approx. 10 cm (folded in half)

Vertical = approx. 12.5 cm (longest part)

(The size is close to the "normal" size of commercially available non-woven fabric masks for medical use.)


Beautiful & firm sewing. We will tailor it after your order. (Build-to-order manufacturing)

Since the mouth does not touch the cloth, it does not fluff in conversation and the foundation is hard to attach.

Since the nose is soft, it is easy to breathe.

No interlining is used. (Non-formaldehyde)

[Option: Mask string]

Adjusting the mask string is surprisingly difficult. Even if I tie it myself, it doesn't fit easily.

With the adjustable knot of the PSNY mask, it's easy to loosen it little by little or tighten it tightly in crowded scenes, even if you're all day long. A manual on how to tie a mask string that does not hurt your ears is included.

1) Thin / flat rubber (white / black)

It is strong against washing and ironing, and has excellent durability. Recommended for masks made of light materials. (Width 3 mm, thickness 1 mm)

2) Thick, flat soft rubber (white, black, beige)

It is a rubber for masks made in Japan with a solid thickness.

Although it is soft, it has excellent durability and fit, and is recommended for those who seek a sense of security. (Width 5 mm, thickness 1 mm)

[Option: Mask mark]

You can choose one point of Swarovski that can also be used as a sign of the top and bottom. The basic position is on the upper right when viewed from the front on the outside of the mask.

[Option: Nose wire]

It is an option to put a fitter in the nose. You can choose between an aluminum type that can be bent perfectly and a resin type that fits softly.

1) Perfect (aluminum)

2) Soft (resin)

[Option: Full Swarovski]

We will put a Swarovski decoration on the entire surface. We will use 10 or more points to make color coordination according to the material. (Please leave the design to us)

[Gift package]

A brand mask suitable for women's gifts, such as souvenirs for dinner, Christmas gifts, and birthday gifts. It is an eco-friendly wrapping that does not overpack using pearls, which are popular in PSNY, and the beautiful color of the mask itself shines. (+200 yen)


Depending on the work, the appearance of the pattern is different from the photo.

It does not completely eliminate the infection.

Ideal for formal wear, ceremonial occasions, ceremonies, etc.

A beautiful mask with a beautiful face line.

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